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Comp / Plate

Invisible Effects : Paint Out | Greenscreen | Key & Despill | Color Correction & Relight | Grain Matching

Logo Replacement : 2D & Planar Tracking I Logo Paintout I Logo Replacement I Color Correction I Roto | Grain Matching

Rod Removal: 2D Tracking | Rod Paint Out | Backround Reconstruction | Tree Animation | Roto | Grain Match

Muzzle Fire : Hand Illumination | Color Base | Highlights | Muzzle | Grain Match

Screen Burn In: Tracker Paint Out | HUDs | Defocus | Roto | Interactions | Grain Match

Marker Removal: Paint Out | Roto

Title Project : 3D Tracking I 3D Rotoscoping I 3D Projection I Wall Replacement I Color Correction I Weathering I Shadow Reconstruction I Grain Matching

Reflection Paintout: Tracking I Reflection Paintout I Digi Make Up I Shadow Reconstruction I Rotoscoping I Grain Matching


I am a Compositor currently residing in Reykjavik, Iceland. I specialize in 2D/3D Compositing, BG prep, Keying and CG Integration.







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